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Favorite Sites
Allis-Chalmers die-hard site A site with allot of different allis chalmers tractors and info
The Little A-C book This site is a interactive book on the little A-C tractor
Allis Chalmers B restoration page Allot of Good info on restoring your allis
Grandads A-C rest Home This blokes amazing!he rescues old Allis's from scrap..good on him
Dave's Antique Tractor Pages Pictures and some of the specs for the Allis Chalmers B and some other tractors too. Also the manual for Dave's Henderson Loader on the Allis Chalmers B.
Unofficial Allis site This is a good site to pick up A-C info
British Anzani Archive Welcome to the British Anzani Archive - the internet home for all things Anzani.

Daaave 2K This sites not about Tractors but it sure is funny!

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